Condominium Duplex, New York City

Project: Under-Staircase Custom Built-in Unit

BEFORE.  The condominium was newly constructed, finished in a contemporary style. The floating staircase offered the opportunity to utilize the generous space underneath and create a defined entrance alcove.

AFTER. The new custom built-in maximized the storage potential underneath the staircase while creating a defined entry and vestibule.


AFTER Photos:

The new under staircase built-in welcomes the one upon entering the residence with a niche.  The niche highlights a stone countertop, along with cabinet storage space above and below, and tall storage.  The niche recess is deep to accommodate the house wall phone/intercom and spotlight.

The floating staircase is located opposite a newly finished contemporary kitchen. The concept was to create additional storage including:

- Walk-in Closet

- Slide-out Pantry Cubbies

- Broom Closet

- Upper and Lower Cabinet Storage

- Recessed Niche for Intercom/Telephone

Left:  The high-gloss finish of the new custom unit matches the kitchen's upper cabinetry finish. The result is a stunning piece that embraces the space while complementing the finishes of the open kitchen.



Condominium Duplex, New York, NY

Project: Custom Wall Unit for the Dining and Living Space

BEFORE.  The large structural columns created asymmetrical niches.  However, it offered an opportunity for built-ins to fill the spaces in between.



The Living and Dining space have large structural columns resulting in asymmetrical niches.  However, these recessed spaces offered an opportunity for custom built-ins that would incorporate storage, home office organizing, and an audio/video center.



AFTER Photos and 3D Images:

The concept designs for the new custom built-ins developed in stages, comparing design alternates and finishes. The end result was a built-in composition incorporating both hidden storage for home office files and exposed shelving for dining items and display. The finish is a shop applied paint, BM 'Chantilly Lace', and the cabinet doors and drawers are accessorized with pull hardware from CB2.

Custom Built-in Units

Created to express each client's individual style.

Before                                                        After: Home office with built-in wall-to-wall cabinets and floating desk.
Vanity: Drawing                                    After: Custom Vanity with Vintage-style Mouldings and Painted Finish.
Custom Vanities 
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